Programmes Age 35-50+

Activities Age 35-50+

Winter Warm up Hubs

With financial support from Blackpool Council and Simon Sadler’s Segantii Capital Management, we will be opening up the doors to Bloomfield Road and operating Warm-Up Hubs to provide families and those socially isolated and vulnerable with a place to keep warm, socialise and have access to free WiFi, coffee, biscuits and hot food.

Move More

Working together with local partners, we have five years of funding to set up a wide-range of football-related activities from exercise classes to walking football – and a whole lot more in-between. Through attending sessions you’ll not only get fitter, you’ll also be interacting with others and enjoying yourself and that’s all key to being healthier and happier.

Walk & Talk

We hold walks around Stanley Park each week to allow local people to come together for a moderate walk and a chat. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy some light exercise.

Every Player Counts

Free football sessions that take place every week at locations across Blackpool which uses, football to support positive mental health through physical activity and creating stronger peer-support networks.

Get Vocal

Based at Blackpool FC Stadium, Get Vocal is a social group for men to turn up and talk.

FIT Blackpool

Fit Blackpool is a 12-week weight management programme for all genders, includes theory and practical sessions which helps you sustain weight loss and lead a healthier life.

Pool Together

The Pool Together project is a referral programme that supports people with a range of needs that link to their mental health.

Armed Forces

Supported through funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund and Veterans’ Foundation, Blackpool FC Community Trust are proud to host a range of armed forces programmes within the Community.

Masters Football

A slightly slower paced 5-a-side of the beautiful game we all know and love.

Walking Football

Walking Football is a slower version of the beautiful game, helping people rekindle their love of playing football.

Extra Time

This is a weekly social group that includes chair-based exercise, dominoes, quizzes, trips, country themed afternoons, or a simple coffee and a chat.

Sporting Memories

Fun and enjoyable social group where sports fans can share memories and memorabilia.